Thursday, 20 May 2010


I'd like to share something that isn't strictly physio related, but in this context involves it.

"Hello it's Thursday the 19th, it's the day after the viva exam and was there any point in worrying? Not at all."

Were my first words that I said on a recording of myself made about a week before my PAM 2 viva exam. I go on to speak about how I was comfortable and settled in very quickly, had an answering for every question, was able to elaborate on every question and that it went better than I thought it would and I had expected it to go well. Also that movement analysis was easy and was just a case of looking and working it out.

I had realised and taken action on the insight about BELIEF and visualisation. The more vivid, the more real, the more tangible you can make it the more likely it will become your reality.
I was constantly thinking and visualising myself doing well, not just well but great! Thoughts enterred my head during this with comments such as "come on, that's not realistic", "you can't really think that, it doesn't happen". But I just suspended those thoughts and accepted that it's just conditioned thinking and not a part of me. Like Tony Robbins advised, I dared to be powerful beyond measure. Or to put it more accurately, beyond expectation. My own expectation to be precise.

If you want to do something that nobody's ever done, that you've never done and/or that you think you can't do. DON'T EVER PUT A LIMIT ON YOUR DREAMS! That is your power! No one can tell you not to dream big, no one can stop you and for every person that says "it's just not realistic" (including yourself) shut them the fuck up! Like Will Smith said, "it's not realistic that somebody could walk into a room flick a switch and light would appear, that's not realistic". Thomas Edison didn't think so. "It's not realistic that someone can mould metal into an object and design it so that it can fly across oceans, that's unrealistic". Fortunately the Wright brothers and others didn't agree with that. Every great moment, every achievement that's wowed and surprised the world and made history has occured as a result of somebody saying "NO!" to thinking realistically and "YES!" to daring to dream, visualise and act upon creating something never done before, something incredible in their eyes.

Reality matched my voice recording to the letter by the way. To the absolute letter and I now have even more belief that the level we vibrate at, that energy you feel when you think of an idea or something you want to do that gets you so excited is sending out a signal to the universe that then conspires to assist you in making that a reality. If this sounds stupid to you, I don't care because it's worked for me on many occasions now and it seems like the more in tune I get with it, the better the results.

My advice to you is this. If you want to do something, be something, reach your goals and dreams start living them in your mind. Really living and experiencing them! If you get a thought that tells you to pull the reigns back because you're getting a bit to ambitious dream even bigger! Great moment are created when beyond achieve things beyond their own expectations of themselves. So work your imagination and stretch it as far as it will go and with action you'll go far :)

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