Sunday, 3 January 2010

Factors influencing the rate of healing in the stages of proliferation and remodelling

  • Severity of initial trauma: A severe second degree ligament sprain of the lateral ligament complex of the ankle will have a more prolonged proliferation and remodelling period than a first degree ligament sprain affecting the same structure.

  • Early Management: When the necessary foundations have been set in place (e.g. protection, rest of tissues etc) for proliferation and repair can potentially reduce onset of chronic inflammation.

  • Tissue Vascularity: e.g. skeletal muscle = highly vascular = more potential for repair than a a ligament = avascular

  • Age: Younger people are quicker to heal than older

  • Nutrition: e.g. protein deficiency, adequate nutrition that is also related to bloodflow is required for healing to take place

  • Medication: Use of NSAIDS and steroidal drugs slow down proliferation and remodelling processes.

  • Temperature: Colder it is = slower rate of healing

  • Appropriate loading of healing tissue during rehab

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