Friday, 15 January 2010

Rationale For Proprioceptive Exercises

Is the exercise...

  • Weight bearing appropriate?
  • Reactive (external stimuli or not and are these varied in weight,size,shape if objects, speed, is the trainer or therapist the stimuli?)
  • Goal driven?
  • Functional? (e.g. sports specific)
  • Base of support (wide, narrow, stable, unstable)
  • Visual Stimuli or no visual stimuli (eyes closed or open?)
  • Pace (slow or quick? Does it hit the slowly adapting and rapidly adapting proprioceptors?)
  • Pertubation/Complexity?
  • Multiplane/multiaxial?

1 comment:

  1. Is it subconcious?

    If you ask a client to conciously contract a muscle, that's what they'll get better at. But in function inherently our muscles act subconsciously, driven by a conscious goal (e.g. to dunk a basketball, hit a home run, clean & jerk)

    Look at how the muscles need to act (decelerate/accelerate/isometric/eccentric etc)
    and mimic that!