Friday, 15 January 2010

Rationale For Strength Exercises


  • Weight bearing appropriate? (NWB/PWB/FWB)
  • With or against gravity? (e.g. gravity counter balanced or additional resistance - Oxford Scale)
  • Functional?
  • OVERLOAD (is the target muscle or muscle group being stressed enough to elicit an adaption?)
  • SPECIFICITY (SAID - Specific Adaptions to Imposed Demands)
  • Single plane or multi-plane? (is the muscle being loaded in all 3 planes?)
  • Open or closed chain?
  • Ranges? (through full ROM? Inner/Mid/Outer - appropriate to rehab level?)
  • Isometric/eccentric/concentric (appropriate to stage of injury?)
  • Motivational?
  • Fun?
  • Fibre recruitment (is it recruiting the fibres required for their function e.g. Type I, Type IIa/IIb slow and fast twitch)
  • Intensity (high/med/low?)
  • Reps & Sets? (endurance,hypertrophy,strength) avoid atrophy
  • Isolated or intergrated? (compound/mutli-joint exercise or isolated muscle?)

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