Thursday, 1 April 2010

Contraindications to massage

1. Open wounds

2. Muscle ruptures

(In the acute stage these may still be bleeding. Massage will increase bleeding and tissue damage at this stage and prolong recovery. After the initial 0-72 hrs of acute phase massage may be possible but depends on extent of injury)

3. Tendon ruptures

(Complete ruptures will require surgery not massage. The above also applies)

4. Contusions

(These are impact injuries within the muscle - intramuscular - Massage to a contusion may cause further damage and possibly bone growth within the muscle aka myositis ossificans)

5. Burns, chillblains and broken bones

6. RA and gout

(These are active inflammatory conditions, so massage may cause further inflammation)

7. Bursitis

8. Myositis Ossificans

9. Infections of skin and soft tissue

(Bacterial, viral, fungal infections can be spread to other areas of the body)

10. DVT (thrombosis)

(If dislodged can lead to pulmonary embelism, heart attack, stroke)

11. Artificial blood vessels

(Implanted through surgery should be avoided)

12. Bleeding disorders such as heamophillia

(May cause tissue damage and further bleeding)

13. Tumors

14. Anything else you're not sure of!

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