Friday, 30 April 2010

Contraindications to ultrasound

DOC-P (2's and 3) MINS-U (1's)

D1 - Deficient sensation (will be unaware if unstable cavitation is occuring resulting in burns)
D2 - DVT in treatment area (could become dislodged and cause pulmonary embelism)
O1 - Over spinal cord after recent spinal surgery (unstable cavitation in CSF)
O2 - Over pelvis or abdomen during menstruation or pregnancy
C1 - Compromised circulation (vessels can't deal with excess demand)
C2 - Cancer (irradiated tumours grow larger and heavier)
P1 - Physio untrained
P2 - Peripheral vascular disease (tissues can't cope with excess metabolic demand)
P3 - Previous deep x-ray therapy (radiotherapy)

M - Metal or plastic implants (cause more standing waves)
I - Infection in treatment area
N - No consent
S - S.E.G Skull, eyes, gonads
U - Unknown diagnosis

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