Monday, 28 December 2009

Leukocytes - Soldiers of the body


  • Most common type of leukocyte

  • Involved with degradation of foreign material through phagocytosis

  • Contain multiobed nucleus

  • Cytoplasm grainy in appearance due to high number of lysosomes (digestive enzymes)

  • Grows around foreign matter, lysosomes help digest foreign body and then it's removed

  • Duty to defend using lysosomes to digest

  • On a constant patrol, destroying harmful things in the body

MACROPHAGE (monocytes)

  • Destroy bacteria through phagocytosis

  • Larger in size than neutrophils

  • Found in LUNGS and LYMPH NODES (first line of defence)

  • Creates hostile environment for bacteria so that it si harder to get ill (causes sore throat etc)


  • B lymphocytes secrete antibodies which destroy bacteria

  • T lymphocytes are involved in cell destruction

  • Some specialised lymphocytes go into cell to destroy it, others send antibodies out

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  1. T lymphocytes : produced in the thymus gland; ensure cell based immunity from infection.

    B lymphocytes : originate in bone marrow; ensure bodily fluid immunity; activation of B-lymphocytes produces plasma cells, which manufacture and secrete antibodies to fight off specific types of antigens.