Sunday, 8 November 2009

Cross Fit WOD 8/11/09 400m of death!

Today's WOD was a tasty one (ummm tasty) with 4 round of flat out 400m runs and a welcome 3 min rest in between each round. Being the fool that I am, I'd done 2 rounds before we actually started because SOMEBODY (ehem Simon..) had written it under 'Skills' and a left a blank under 'WOD' (I'll come back to that later).

Anyway after a 1st round of 51 seconds I realised we had this 3 min rest in between (a nice relief!) so upped my game for the next lot.

Round 2 was an incredible 34 SECONDS! Oh..wait I touched the wrong lampost and my world record time was actually a lame assault course of dodging a van, car and then finally realising I wasn't quite Usein Bolt lol!

Round 3 was a nice 44 seconds, really maxed out on that one, followed by a 4th round of 49 seconds.

Back to blank under WOD, after some amount of joking it turned out there was actually more haha! Which came in the form of 4 rounds: 7 wall ball, 7 kettle bell swings and 7 burpees.
Me and Tim went first and after finishing the 1st round of wall balls came to my voluntarily opted 32kg kettle bell starring at me like "Yeah? Get on with it weirdo" (I know I can hardly believe I actually chose that sucker). But it was a good test and I coped much better than I thought I would with it :)

Time: 4.47 @ 32kg OOh Yeah!

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